Continuum Computing Infrastructure Research Team

Team Outline

Computing Continuum Infrastructure Research Team

From the Cloud to Edge and Devices, we study hardware technologies and system software technologies supporting Continuum Computing.

While the Cloud requires throughput-oriented technologies, the Edge requires latency-oriented technologies. We tackle research issues on throughput improvement, real-time assurance and energy saving, through an interdisciplinary approach to hardware and software co-design.

For hardware and software co-design, our research is based on emerging semiconductor technologies and photonics technologies, in collaboration with the Department of Electronics and Manufacturing at AIST, and different universities and research institutes.

Research topics:
- High-throughput virtualization: Enabling high-performance processing by exploiting emerging semiconductor technologies and photonics technologies.
- Low-power, low-latency virtualization: Achieving energy-efficient, real-time processing toward 5G/6G communication.
- Error-permissive computing: Realizing drastic performance improvement and power reduction by controlling reliability in computer hardware.




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Researcher Profile

Team Leader


System Software, Virtualization, Edge Computing
Xin Liu
Senior Resercher

Xin Liu

Graph & Network Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning


Low-power Embedded Systems, Fault-tolerance & Reliability, On-Chip Interconnection
FUKAI Takaaki

FUKAI Takaaki

Operating System, Hypervisor